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Unlimited Re-Animations $50/mo

Whether you’re recreating websites from for your private blog networks or simply to restore a site you've lost access to, our Rebuilder is the leading solution for website replication.

Diversify your PBN, restore and rehost old local business sites to get geo relevant links for you and your clients. Save time and money on web design and content, simply re-animate an expired domain, rehost it and embed your links for Google to crawl and see.

Some services charge per rebuild while others simply fail to work properly or consistently. We’re offering our battle tested (over a quarter million processed to date) Rebuilder as a stand-alone package for $50/mo (special month 1 pricing) and you get UNLIMITED access. No caps, no limits, no per site fee – resurrect as many domains a month as you’d like.


  • How Does It Work?
  • Simply input a URL and a Wayback date you’d like to take a snapshot of and the Rebuilder takes cares of the rest. You’ll be emailed a zip file of the HTML/CSS/Javascript (as well as other types of files) ready for you to host.
  • How Long Does It Take?
  • Rebuilds will be emailed to you usually within 5 minutes, larger sites can take up to 1 hour.
  • What's Your Refund Policy?
  • If you are unhappy with the rebuilder simply file a support ticket and we will refund you your month's payment.
  • Do I Really Get Unlimited Rebuilds Every Month?
  • Yes.

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Why Buy The Rebuilder?

Resurrecting and rebuilding sites has been a part of our own SEO strategy for years. We've scrubbed footprints, fixed broken links, and evolved the DRA rebuilder codebase through real world use and over a quarter million rebuilds. We're constantly updating, improving and iterating over the rebuilder -- take our money back guarantee and give it a try today by signing up below.

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